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Details of a Vespa GTS250ie to come through the workshop and dyno 30/01/12. Produced a nice healthy 23HP+ at the rear wheel with all parts that are available straight off the shelf.

Parts fitted to this GTS are:

• PM68 - Exhaust
• PMDTFI0001 - Fuel injection Module
• PM986 - Variator Configured Kit
• Malossi Torque Driver
• Malossi V4 Head & Cylinder Kit
• Malossi Cam
• Malossi Gear Up Kit

All engine works carried out by the PM guru himself and dyno optimised using our in house Dynapro load controlled cell dyno.

After fitting all the parts the fueling was way off on the stock TFI settings, and required a fuel re-map in order to cope with the demands of the new engine configuration.

This was taken care of by using PM's fully multi-adjustable TFI fuel injection unit to control the injectors in/output signals.

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