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A fantastic weekends sprinting had at the 2012 Sooter Shootout Sponsored by PM Tuning held at Elvington Airfield which was organised by Trevor & the Straightliners crew.

PM Tuning were in attendance who took 3 scooters for star rider Joe Elliot to race over the 2 day event, the 344cc X2 Lambretta, 179cc Pro Sprinter & the 94cc Speedfight III (which was built specifically for this event last year).

Team PM arrived early on Friday evening to get set-up ready for racing first thing in the morning and found out that Joe had fallen ill but would be there hell or high water first thing on Saturday.

Saturday comes and Joe arrives, still not feeling 100% but is determined to ride the machines. Weather conditions were very good, warm with a moderate headwind with racing getting underway at around 10:30am. Joe took it easy on the first couple of runs just to get a feel for each of the machines, setting a 12.25s run @ 100.1mph on his second run of the day on the Pro-Sprinter, the Speedfight III managed a 15.55s run @ 80.8mph on his first run but icing on the cake was a 11.85s @ 112.5mph (0.02s faster than the time achieved at the Bulldog Bash a month ago in August) on the X2 Lambretta which was greeted by a rapturous applause from the on looking crowd.

On the ½ mile runs Joe managed 112.5mph on the X2 Lambretta & 96.5mph on the Pro-Sprinter, 1/8 mile runs and we ran 95.6mph on the X2 Lambretta, 83.4mph on the Pro-Sprinter & 69.7mph on the Speedfight III. All the 1/8 & ½ mile speeds were good but as our machines are optimized for ¼ mile standing starts we found our terminal speeds on these runs were better.

Saturday night and a chance to chill out and catch up with friends old and new, the vibe around the paddock was fantastic with a marquee up with a bar and dj playing and various tents, vans, caravans playing music and we must mention Adam & Wez from next door who were a constant source of aggravation to Frank with their music which all found quite amusing! ;-D

Sunday is here and it’s time to get back to business - weather conditions have changed much colder and a stronger head wind which was coming in from the left side as well. Everyone was suffering with the stronger winds with times and speeds down from yesterday so timing was critical to get on track when the wind died down. On Joe’s 5th run of the day on the X2 Lambretta he went faster again 11.83s @ 112.5mph setting a second new record and backing up Saturdays run. 

So with the racing concluded it was trophy time… A few people went home early so weren’t there to receive their prizes but everyone appeared very happy with what was achieved.

Joe finished 1st in class on the Speedfight III, 1st and 2nd on the X2 Lambretta & Pro Sprinter, he also received trophies for achieving the fastest speed down the ½ mile and was crowned the outright Scooter Shootout Champion! In the other classes there were some very close battles, Ryan Saxelby taking a win in the racing Lambretta class and in the Automatic over 100cc class 1st and 2nd place were separated by just 0.1mph, Andy from PSN Scooters did a 143mph run on the dyno but didn’t win that class as it was for highest BHP instead of top speed like last year, there was a lot of well turned out scooters as well as some interesting looking machines such as the home built twin of Stephen ‘Mr Happy’ Ford and a Yamaha Jog with a 250cc engine shoe-horned in and fitted with a car turbo. Some of the younger lads were pulling some spectacular wheelies down the strip in some cases you would have thought they were going to fall off but controlled there scooters superbly.

We would like to thank everyone who attended - without you this event wouldn’t be possible, Trevor and his crew who were very well organised and made everything run very smoothly and also congratulations to everyone who came away with medals, trophies and prizes in each class – We hope to see you all at next years event!!  

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