Piaggio 125cc Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine Upgrade Package

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Product Description
Piaggio 125cc Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine Upgrade Package
Full Specification

We have put together this package using the best combination of parts which have been tried and tested in house to offer the best performance & reliability.

Achievable bolt on power will range from 18bhp to 21bhp when using PM52Exhaust depending on the exact combination of parts used.

Parts supplied in this package will be

  • 172cc performance cylinder kit 

  • 52mm Race Crankshaft  (full circle, high compression & dynamically balanced & stronger to cope with the demands of a tuned engine)

  • PM Tuning pre jetted 25mm carburettor kit for use with standard air box or remote open filter (Both kits come with inlet manifold and Reed Valve)

  • Performance Variator Kit (for improved acceleration, extended speed range & no loss of low end speed transfer)

  • Kevlar reinforced drive belt (eliminates belt slip due to power increase)

  • Adjustable Race Clutch ( where fast stand starts are essential for optimum ¼ mile times or traffic light blast off’s this conversion gives electrifying starts without bogging the motor down on full throttle loadings)

  • Lightweight Clutch Bell (one of the fastest rotating parts in an auto motor, minimizes the weight without compromising strength. helps dissipate heat quickly and efficiently away from the clutch and vital transmission parts and help avoid power fade.)

  • Gear Up Kit (essential to prevent damage to the engine from over revving when using 172 kits and to increase the terminal speed)

note: primary gear up kit only compatable with late type rolling nut engines

This package was designed with the DIY/Enthusiast mechanic in mind however if required PM Tuning can fit the parts to your supplied engine cases, please call us on 01524 850800 to discuss pricing/availability.

Please note:

additional items such as crankshaft bearings & seals, variator weights/tq springs & carburettor main jets may also be required depending on specification chosen to enable the end user to correctly optimize the engine, as such this engine package should only be fitted by someone with the mechanical ability and equipment to rebuild and set up the engine correctly



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