PM Tuning Royal Alloy GT/GP 200 Exhaust, Variator & Fuel Injection M

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Product Description
PM Tuning Royal Alloy GT/GP 200 Exhaust, Variator & Fuel Injection Module Bundle Kit
Full Specification
Stage 1-2-3 bundle with optional stage 4 filter kit. Summary of parts listed below stages 1 to 4 was developed in our in-house testing facility along with many road miles with one goal in mind and that was to produce the best possible value performance package for the Royal Alloy GP/GT 200 machine.

Each tuning stage is was designed to work in harmony with each other for optimum performance at each level. The 90/A is pre calibrated high performance bolt on package ready to bolt on and go… Fitting time is between 2 to 3 hours and the results are like night and day. +4HP over stock.

Stages 1, 2 and 3 come with additional cost savings when purchased as a package. For those that love a deep induction sound add the 'Big Boom' PM Stage 4 filter kit listed below - for a machine with presence and attitude! This further increases the power output by an additional 0.5HP Click here to view promo video


In house developed Using PM’s special know how the mission was to extract around 4 BHP when used with TFI and PM variator kit (stage3) and the end result delivers right on target. Manufactured by PM Tuning Racing Products in house craftsmen by hand in 304 stainless steel.

This exhaust gives a 4 BHP increase over the standard exhaust but must be used with PMDTFI003 and Variator kit to make best use of its design. Each part of the 3 part kit compliments each other to give a fantastic transformation in terms acceleration overall power and throttle response.

Lots of dyno research and development work enables the PM90RA to make better torque and horse power throughout the entire rev range noticeable getting better as the revs rise and better at maintaining speeds up hills and into head winds. This little performer gives you the confidence to overtake with ease. Great sounding sport sound much deeper in tone than original (described By many as a mini Ducati). Polished 304 stainless steel constructions throughout with rubber mounted void bush and spring retained slip joint to isolate from engine vibration for longevity.

The PM90RA will complement the power style and character of your machine nicely. Removable baffle for full on track use. System weighs in at less than 2. kg that’s more than half the original exhaust. Ride quality and handling are also improved as a result.

**Please note this exhaust is not suitable on the stock fuel injection setting and can only be successfully used with PMDTFI003 .**


This product was designed and developed to provide an affordable solution to increasing the ridability of your scooter. With today’s pollution regulations, many if not all of today’s scooters are setup extremely lean to meet these regulations. Unfortunately they are not always the best setup for performance or ridability. Therefore, adjusting the air fuel ratio on these machines is essential to achieve optimum performance and ridability. The TFI is not an interceptor and it does not alter factory air/fuel computer tales or pulse-width calculations.

It taps into the injector-driver circuitry of a stock scooters EFI and selectively appends extra pulse-width voltage keeping injectors open the exact incremental time required for precise fuel enrichment. The scooters on-board computer and wiring harness remain intact, with no wires needing to be cut. The stock air-fuel Map remains intact, as does its correlation to the engines volumetric efficiency (breathing) curve. This latest device also captures the lambda (o2) voltage and emulates the required information being processed by the ECU this keeps low to mid speed fuelling in check and avoids any engine check management lights appearing.

The TFi is simple to adjust. circuitry in the control unit (1) define the breakpoint between cruise and main-jet RPM, (2) the length of time and magnitude for auxiliary transitional enrichment, (3) and the incremental enrichment in tenths of milliseconds for the three operating ranges. The TFI unit is available as a pre-programmed module to optimise the PM90 fuelling requirements with easily adjustable function to low speed (green) and high speed (red) should a different setup be required (Eg; using it with the standard exhaust system or other aftermarket tuning parts) and can also be done at the side of the road if needed. Full instructions are included.


The basic task of the variator and rollers combination is to maintain peak RPM power during acceleration right up to the point where the pulleys become fully extended and run out of gearing. Our light weight variator hub and steel back ramp design performs the task of maximising drive like no other, giving a seamless wave of hard acceleration over the entire speed range, increase in power and terminal speed. Manufactured from the latest materials and employing the latest in technologies during the manufacturing process.

Optional 'Big Boom' Filter Kit Available Here; STAGE 4 PM TUNING STAGE 4 FILTER KIT FOR GP/GT200
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