PM Tuning Lambretta Braided Brake Hose Single Disc Reverse Routing

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PM Tuning Lambretta Braided Brake Hose Single Disc Reverse Routing
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Product Description
PM Tuning Lambretta Braided Brake Hose Single Disc

fitment to follow original brake cable under the horn cover exiting from the rear of the fork

• Kit comes complete with stainless steel banjo bolts and copper washers
• PVC cover adhered to the braid
• Superior braking feel
• Line doesn’t bulge under heavy braking
Full Specification
Made for us by Venhill, this brake hose kit features a DuPont® Teflon® core, which offers much greater resistance to heat compared to cheaper Nylon lined versions. The Teflon® core not only prevents softening, expansion and loss of shape, but is also constructed with a consistent internal diameter and a smooth bore, to offer more efficient fluid flow too.

A stainless steel braid is wrapped around the core, which prevents further pressure expansion and helps protect the core against stones and road debris, and accident damage. All Venhill braided hoses use a marine grade stainless steel braid, which is more resistant to corrosion than the ‘standard’ grade used on many other brands, prolonging the life of the hose. The braid is then covered with an extruded PVC jacket to help prevent wear and deterioration due to sunlight, chemicals and movement. It is bonded to the braid to prevent the ingress of water, road salt and debris.

Venhill hoses also use threaded swivel fittings, so the hose can be positioned with zero twist. Many other lines offer no banjo adjustment at all, or require removal and the use of a special tool to rotate the banjo before re-installation. Venhill machine their own banjo fittings and dome-headed banjo bolts to ensure proper fitment and a consistent, quality finish. All Venhill braided brake hoses exceed American DOT and German TUV requirements, and are manufactured in the UK from top quality materials to offer high performance, reliability and long life.