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After many years of R&D and dyno work we have produced an engine package for Vespa GTS 300 owners to give you the best performance and power increase for your money.

The package consists of the following parts;

Exhaust – Choice of either our tried and tested PM68PM80 or PM85 exhausts depending on the look/style of exhaust you want, they all perform the same & utilise our unique 360° downpipe for the correct tuned length and offer 2hp over the standard exhaust system.

Cylinder Kit – Malossi 282cc aluminium cylinder kit which includes the V4 cylinder head with increased inlet & exhaust valve size. We take things further with our in house know how and gas flow the head to improve flow in and out the combustion chamber and to further increase hp output.

Camshaft – Polini high performance camshaft for improved inlet and exhaust valve timing for increased torque. 

Variator Kit – our tried and tested variator kit includes a polini variator and malossi drive belt to improve and smoothen power transfer, increase acceleration and extend the top speed.

Clutch – Malossi adjustable delta clutch for improved acceleration from standing starts.

Clutch BellChoice of Polini or Malossi clutch bell has cooling fins to help prevent clutch fade or slip for overheating clutches.

TQ Driver – Malossi driven pulley half which has a linear incline to optimise acceleration and top speed while helping to stop belt slip.

Gear Up Kit – Malossi 22/45 secondary gear kit, taller final drive gearing to extend top speed and straight gears to lower friction and improve power to the rear wheel. 

Air Filter & Breather – PM Tuning sponge air filter and rocker cover breather filters help to maximise airflow into the engine and prevent dirt, dust and other particles from entering the engine.

Fuel Injection Module – Our tried and tested fuel injection module allows adjustment of injector timing and thus control the amount of fuel supplied to the engine, think of it as an electronic carburettor. Absolutely necessary to correctly optimise the engines new fuelling needs.  

Lambda Sensor Emulator – Malossi lambda emulator forces a fixed voltage to the ECU for more accurate adjustment to fuelling with our fuel injection module, choice of 2 or 4 wire version depending on your machine.



With the above parts, gas flowing of the v4 cylinder head, correct assembly of engine, correct set up of the transmission & fuel injection module we are able to achieve 26hp±. 

this engine package can be fitted by the DIY/Enthusiasts mechanic but for best results and to ensure the machine is running correctly it is recommended for PM Tuning to Fit and Set up the engine on our Dyno.

Please call us on 01524 850800 to discuss pricing/availability.


Please note:

There will be a small delay in dispatching the parts due to the gas flow work which is done by hand, additional items may also be required depending on milage covered by the engine, this engine package should only be fitted by someone with the mechanical ability and equipment to rebuild and set up the engine correctly.



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